Explore Our Range of Valve Positioners

Discover our selection of valve positioners designed to optimize the performance of your control valves. From the pneumatic Fisher® 3582 and 3582i to the electro-pneumatic Fisher® 3610J, 3610JP, 3620J, and 3620JP, we offer solutions for various applications and control requirements. Additionally, explore our advanced digital valve controller, the Fisher® DVC6200, with HART capabilities for simplified calibration and maintenance. For precise control and efficient operation, consider integrating our electric-pneumatic transducer, the Fisher® 546, into your control system.


DVC6200 Digital Valve Controller

The Fisher® DVC6200 is a Digital Valve Controller (DVC) with HART capabilities that can easily replace the use of analog positioners in the field. With the use of a HART compatible handheld communicator, the DVC makes calibration, maintenance, and troubleshooting much easier for the technician in the field. The linkage-less non-contact position feedback means there is no physical connection between the actuator and positioner, which eliminates wearing parts, and extends service lift.

  • Several performance levels; HART Communications (HC), Advanced diagnostics (AD), and Performance diagnostics (PD).
  • Foundation Fieldbus models available.
  • SIS models available.
  • Position feedback output loops available.
Fisher DVC6200


3610J/3610JP Rotary Valve Positioner

The Fisher® 3610J and 3610JP are pneumatic positioners designed to be used with actuators to control the position of rotary control valves. The 3610J is single acting and the 3610JP is double acting.

The 3610J and 3610JP can be modified to an electro-pneumatic positioner by installing the integral Fisher®3622 I/P, thus changing the 3610J and 3610JP model numbers respectively to 3620J and 3620JP. This can be done at the factory or installed in the field.

  • Standard inputs are: 3-15psi, 6-30psi, or split range.


3620J/ 3620JP Electro-Pneumatic Single Acting Rotary Valve Positioner

The Fisher® 3620J and 3620JP are electro-pneumatic positioners designed to be used with actuators to control the position of rotary control valves. The 3620J is single acting and the 3620JP is double acting.

  • Standard inputs are: 4-20mA DC with a 30VCD maximum.
Fisher 3620J
Fisher 3582 Valve


3582 and 3582i Pneumatic Valve Positioner

The Fisher® 3582 pneumatic and the 3852i electro-pneumatic positioners are designed to be used with diaphragm actuators such as the Fisher® 667 and 657 for sliding stem valve control. The 3582i incorporates a 582i electro-pneumatic converter attached to a 3582i, which eliminates the need for a remote transducer.

  • Standard inputs are: 3-15psi for the 3582 and 4-20mA DC with 30VDC maximum.
Fisher 546


Fisher 546 Transducer

The Fisher® 546 an electric-Pneumatic transducer that takes a direct-current input and converts that signal to a proportional pneumatic output with the use of a torque motor, nozzle-flapper, and pneumatic nozzle. The Fisher® can act as an independent controller for a pneumatic valve actuator or can be integrated and work in conjunction with an electro-pneumatic valve positioner, such as the Fisher®3582.

  • Standard inputs are: 4-20mA DC, 10-50mA DC, or split range.
  • Standard outputs are 3-15psi or 6-30psi.
  • Direct or reverse action.